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Pictures of Josie

Josie pix taken starting January 2011

Josie pix taken starting Sep. 24, 2008 through December 2010

Josie pix taken between July 12, 2008 and September 20, 2008

Josie pix taken between Sep. 19, 2007 and July 12, 2008

Josie pix taken before Sep. 19 2007

The House project.

This is the floor plan that we started with, Phase 0 if you will.

And these are the before & after Phase 1 pix.

After Phase 1, I did the the Garage project.  Since I made no change to the lay out, I have no drawings.

The next House project, phase 2, AKA: The Back Wing. 

The House photo’s using the new format, starting Oct. 8, 2008

This is what the house floor plan looked like at the end of the Phase 1.